What we do

DPF works at the interface of science and society. We enable novel forms of collaboration between researchers, policy makers and civil society to focus research and and innovation towards social value creation. Our services include:

Commissioned research and consultancy. Over the years, we have carried out a range of short-term research projects for various clients, focusing on the social dimensions of new and emerging technologies. To get an idea of our research – and its results – please see this overview of earlier assignments.

European research projects. We participate in European projects, offering particular expertise in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)-integration in relation to emerging technologies such as nano- and biotechnologies. We also help researchers to write competitive research proposals, with a specific focus on strenghtening stakeholder engagement in innovation. For more information, please see this list of recent EU-projects.

Workshop organisation and moderation. We always aim to make a real difference when we organise workshops. We get the most out of the brainpower in the room by giving the topic, meeting objectives and programme the attention they deserve, carefully prepping presenters and tailoring assignments specifica to the topic at hand. See this overview of previous workshops of how we have done this in the past.

Education and training. From half-day seminars to graduate training and week-long intensive courses we train researchers in the areas of technology assessment, user involvement, and ethics. For more information, please see this overview of previous courses and training activities.

Please feel free to contact us at info@proeffabriek.nl if you are looking for support in any of these areas.