Who we are

Daan Schuurbiers, director of DPF, has encouraged early reflection on the possible social impacts of emerging technologies throughout his research and current advisory work. He designs training courses for researchers, builds novel interdisciplinary collaborations, advises on research policy and regularly speaks at conferences to raise awareness with researchers of the broader societal dimensions of their work.


In the past few years, several others have joined DPF. Former staff members have included:

Hannie van den Bergh, who joined DPF for the GoNano project in 2017-2019. Hannie is an experienced designer and award-winning filmmaker. She has extensive experience working at the interface of arts and science. She uses tools like co-creation, storytelling, design thinking, and data visualisation to shape our thoughts on new technologies and societal challenges. She founded Studio HB, a studio for visual communication: www.studio-hb.nl.


Maud Bomert joined DPF as a junior project manager in 2019-2020. Maud has a master’s degree in Biology with a specialization in Science in Society. She is fascinated by the interplay of research, innovation and society. Through her work for the GoNano project, Maud aimed to support the alignment of future nanotechnologies with societal needs and concerns.


Marre Niessen was an intern at DPF in 2018. Marre was a Master Student Science Education and Communication at Delft University of Technology. During her internship, she contributed to the planning of the Dutch co-creation workshops in the GoNano project.


Marije Blomjous joined DPF for the Genetics Clinic of the Future project in 2015-2016. She studied communication science and Romance languages and cultures at the University of Groningen. She has 20 years of experience in science communication, corporate communications, media relations, stakeholder management and public affairs. As communication manager she was involved in various public private partnerships, mainly in the field of genomics and biotechnology. She worked, amongst others, at the corporate communication department of Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. She was the organiser of TU Delft’s first masterclass for politicians. Marije currently heads the communications department of Quadraam,
a foundation of schools in and around Arnhem in The Netherlands.